How to post source code in blogspot


when I tried to publish a post in which I can show code snippets, I encountered some difficulties:
(1)Pieces between arrow brackets can not be displayed because in such a case Blogger will try to automatically corrected the HTML code by closing all tags such as an C++ library import<iostream>.
(2)There is neither line indent nor highlight. The code is ugly and hard to read.

So, how to display source code in a good manner? I did some research online. Here are the steps I followed to give the source code a “makeup”:

1.In the blogger,Click on Layout tab ->Edit HTML and put following things Before </head>

<link href=’’ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’/>
<script language=’javascript’ src=’’/>
<script language=’javascript’ src=’’/>

2. put following things Before </body>

<script language=”javascript”>

3. encode (HTML Encode) your source code. for this, you can use this.

Copy your code in notepad and replace all < in &lt; etc.

4. Put your updated code between:

<pre name=”code” class=”Cpp”>
….My code here…


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