The Traffic Jam


Doing business on the web is really no different than doing business in the real world. The main goal is to attract customers/clients/patients to your business so that they can.

The Traffic Jam

see what you have to offer, and convince them to spend their hard-earned money with you. If you’re in the market for some retail space they say the three most important things to consider is “location, location, location.” <sigh> I don’t know why people don’t just say “location is REALLY important, but here are two other important things to consider,” but I digress, the point is, it’s important. I’m sure the reason is fairly obvious, if you have a great location, you are going to get more people seeing.

your storefront and that’s going to mean a percentage of those people are going to come in and look at your inventory, and that means that a certain percentage of those are going to purchase.

something. So, back to my point there being no difference between doing business on the web and in the real world.

If your website doesn’t have any traffic, then it’s the same as building a retail store in the middle of nowhere. You have a huge resource sitting and doing nothing to help you earn people’s business. You’re having to work harder to earn that business which means you have less time to focus on doing the great.

The Traffic Jam

I’ve seen people have huge successes generating traffic without spending any time on Search Engine Optimization.

work that will KEEP that business. The good news is that, unlike in the real world, changing this problem is easy on the internet. If you’re willing to invest a little time or money, then you can create a five-lane superhighway of traffic pouring into your business!

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