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An agent is an individual, group or company authorised to act on behalf of some other individual, group or company for a specific purpose and usually for a specific time period. The agent normally takes an active or leading role in attempting to bring about the client's desired objectives.

For example:

NB The term 'sub-agent' can be used to refer to an individual or organisation appointed on large construction projects to manage a specific part of the works or a specific package of work.

The New Homes Quality Board Glossary of the terms used in the Code and Guidance, published by The New Homes Quality Board in 2021, defines an agent/s as: ‘a person, firm or company used by a Developer to deal with any matter on their behalf (for example, an estate agent or contractor).

Roles in construction projects: analysis and terminology, by Hughes, W. and Murdoch, J. R, published in 2001 by the University of Reading, defines an agent as: ‘A basic term referring to someone who represents another. Usually qualified by preceding it with the name of the person or organization represented. On its own, a very ambiguous term.’

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