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Prep. Blend. Repeat.

The leading solution for data prep, blending and analytics, with drag-and-drop capabilities that speed up every step of the analytic process.

Automate Every Analytic Outcome

Automate every step of analytics, including data prep, blending, reporting, predictive analytics, and data science. Access any data source — big or small, on the cloud or on-premises — and experience the simplicity and power of a self-service platform.


Faster Insights

Faster Insights, Smarter Decisions

  • Create analytic workflows of any business process easily with 300+ no-code, low-code automation building blocks
  • Integrate with 80+ data sources, including spreadsheets, documents, cloud sources, Snowflake, and RPA bots
  • Enrich data with demographic, firmographic, and geospatial intelligence

Scalable Analytics for the Enterprise

  • Scale data prep and analytic processes across cloud, on-prem, and hybrid sources
  • Automate analytic processes to output to over 70 different tools including Tableau, RPA bots, Salesforce, and more
  • Track each step of the analytic process with a visual canvas that documents the analysis

Scalable Analytics

Alteryx Product

Data Science Made Simple

  • Create an end-to-end machine learning pipeline with just a few clicks using assisted modeling
  • Dig into trends and patterns with low-code, no-code predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Extract data and insights from semi-structured and unstructured sources such as PDFs, text files and images

Customizable Analytics with Alteryx SDKs 

  • Leverage our SDKs (software developer kits) to innovate with Alteryx and embed functionality into your interfaces, dashboards, and business processes
  • Publish, share, and monetize capabilities you develop as analytic products for users around the world


With Alteryx, the physical, virtual, and race world data can be combined to create optimal efficiency and build the most performant race car possible.

Start Solving in Seconds

Alteryx works overtime so you don’t have to. Get started right away with one of our prebuilt starter kits.

Data Prep & Blend

Jumpstart your path to analytics mastery with this starter kit.

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Intelligence Suite

Create models in just a few clicks with AutoML.

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Office of Finance

Make forecasts and identify trends with analytics automation.

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Snowflake Starter Kit

Utilize Snowflake’s in-database and bulk-loading capabilities directly in Alteryx.

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Assess Your Analytics Maturity

Get a better understanding of where you stand on the analytics maturity scale – and where you want to be.
Jun 17

Alteryx Data Analytics Automation Workshop & Webinar with Velocity

Join us for at our “hybrid” workshop where you can either attend F2F in person or virtually to our Data Analytics Automation Workshop on Friday, 17 June 2022 at 9:30am to learn how self-service analytics platform empowers users that can effectively and efficiently tap into a code-free and easy-to-use platform to optimize business outcomes.

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Jun 15

Accelerate GST Reporting and Governance with Alteryx

Join Andrew Danckert, founder of Cumulus tax, for a hands-on session for tips on GST Reporting and Governance with Alteryx.
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Business Leader
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Sep 26 - 27

AI & Big Data Paris 2022

Rejoignez l'événement de référence du Big Data et de l'Intelligence Artificielle en France!

Europe, Middle East, Africa
Analytics Leader
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Transform Your Analytics

Get ready to unlock hidden insights in your data.

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