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Data to Insight in One Best-In-Class Platform​

Maximize the value of your existing Alteryx workflows and accelerate speed-to-insight for everyone across your business. Proactive. Personalized. Intuitive. Insights for everyone, in minutes.
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Fastest Way to Breakthroughs​

  • Your best-in-class data prep & analytics platform now with auto-insights, data storytelling, and collaboration tools for business users — in one unified solution.
  • Get deeper insight, collaborate better, and drive breakthroughs everywhere, in minutes.

Unleash Your Workflows

Maximize the value of your Alteryx workflows and accelerate speed-to-insight for everyone across your business. All in one seamless, integrated solution that’s remarkably easy for everyone to use.

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How it Works

As a cloud-native SaaS solution, setup is easy. Connect your data and, in minutes, get critical insights so you're informed and ready to share with anyone on your team. No need to build a new workflow. And best bit, works with Designer Desktop, Server and Cloud.

With Alteryx Auto Insights I was able to get insights within minutes.

Built for Everyone

Alteryx Auto Insights lets you unlock insights that can be applied across your entire organization. From sales and marketing to finance and operations, your entire team will gain new knowledge that can be used to get greater results. Stop guessing. Start optimizing.

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For All Kinds of Teams

No matter where you call home, Alteryx Auto Insights is built for all teams & industries.

Sales Operations

Learn how large distributed sales teams spot issues before they impact their targets.​

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Office of Finance

Say goodbye to mundane billing, procurement and expense processes.​

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Service & Support Operations

Call center, claim center and support operations: now with lightning fast, personalized insights.​

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All Solutions

Bring your data to life. In minutes. Ready. Set. Go!​

Book an Auto Insights Demo​

Schedule time with one of our Alteryx experts to see how Alteryx Auto Insights can upskill your workforce, ramp up your productivity, and deliver the results your organization needs.

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