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BRE SMARTWaste John Muir release

This article originally appeared at BRE Buzz on 11 April 2016, written by Jo Goodwin.

For more information, see BRE SMARTWaste online reporting platform.


[edit] Introduction

BRE SMARTWaste is a flexible, online-reporting platform for all company types across all sectors that can help manage and reduce waste outputs, impacts and costs. It is intended for clients, contractors, owners, operators and occupiers.

2016 is a big year for development of the tool. Building on the existing modules within SMARTWaste, more functionality is being added. Users can be reassured that all the features they currently have in SMARTWaste will remain, in addition to added functionality and configurability, letting them get more out of their SMARTWaste membership.

The first phase of the development, SMARTWaste ‘John Muir’ was released on Monday 18th April.

[edit] ‘John Muir’ release

Born in 1838, John Muir was a Scottish-American naturalist, author, environmental philosopher and early advocate of the preservation of wilderness in the United States.

Having founded conservation organisations, travelled widely and helped establish open spaces such as the famed Yosemite National Park, John Muir has become ‘one of the patron saints of twentieth-century American environmental activity,’ both political and recreational – according to biographer Stephen J. Holmes.

[edit] What can be expected for SMARTWaste ‘John Muir’?

[edit] Going modular

Within SMARTWaste there are now 7 distinct modules covering a host of impact areas including waste, energy, water and transport. An organisation can now configure their account and ‘hide’ those modules that aren’t relevant for their business or projects. This will mean a more streamlined and relevant tool, simplifying the user experience and saving time in the process.

[edit] Waste contractor records

For organisations with multiple reporting tiers in SMARTWaste (for example; company, business unit and project), all their waste management contractor (WMC) records will appear in one master list rather than at the business unit level.

This is a subtle change, but one with a big impact as only one consistent list of waste contractors will now exist for the whole company, rather than being duplicated across multiple business units, providing clarity over information and greater accuracy in record keeping.

[edit] Project sharing across multiple accounts

Previously, sub-contractors delivering a work package for a lead contractor or client weren’t able to capture impact information for the project within their own SMARTWaste account. This release ties project information together, allowing projects to be shared and accessed across multiple SMARTWaste accounts. So now a sub-contractor can input data into the project from their own SMARTWaste account, and automatically share this information with the lead contractor or client.

In addition to these improvements and upgrades, this release covers much more including; greater transparency between waste that is recycled and sent for energy recovery, the introduction of recommended waste recycling rates, print-ready PDF reporting and much more.

Find out more about the John Muir release on the SMARTWaste website.

--BRE Buzz

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